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        • Parasports camp participants and counselors posing.
          Epic week at first-ever MRU Parasports Camp

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        • Professional collaborating on a project.
          New applied machine learning credentials from Continuing Education
          Support data-driven business organizations and leverage AI technologies


        • Dr. Chad London, PhD
          MRU Announces Chad London as next Provost and Vice-President, Academic


        • MRU's East Gate
          Additional minds to broaden growth
          Mount Royal prepares to welcome several new faculty hires

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        • An aerial view of MRU's East Residence.
          MRU Residence welcomes Ukrainian refugees
          Nearly 100 people are now calling the MRU campus home

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        TransAlta Indigenous Family Tipi officially blessed

        Gift was made in support of MRU's Indigenous Family Housing Program

        Making every second count

        University adds more automated external defibrillators to increase safety on campus


        Support the Taylor Family Foundation giving legacy

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        Innovation is born from a spark

        At Mount Royal, innovation is about being bold, curious and creative. Here, we nurture future-focused mindsets, celebrate creative change and transform "what ifs" into impactful realities. The next great idea could be yours.


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